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CRT Build-Up Bounty

The second stage of CRT token sale is now in effect, offering 146M CRT at the unit price of $0.03. During the entire duration of this Stage, we invite all new participants who have registered accounts to join our Build-Up Bounty.


Participants must register their account on our website on or after 22/08

Bounty Tasks

1. Subscribe to our youtube:

2. Join our telegram channel and telegram group:

3. Follow our Twitter

4. Retweet our Build-Up Bounty Tweet:

5. Post a tweet on your twitter to review about Crystal Products, include these hashtags #crystalwallet #crt #crystaltoken #ieo #bsc and tag 3 friends.

6. Please direct message (DM) our twitter account @CrystalWalletEU with the content:
- Your username on
- Url of your review tweet
- Screenshot of your subscription to our youtube
- Screenshot of your joining our telegram


Each eligible and valid submission receives 200 CRT, unlocked and credited to your account.

Find us on:

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