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CRT Appraisal Contest

CRT tokensale is on! It is now high time to strengthen the community awareness about CRT. 
In view of this, we are offering the CRT Appraisal Contest to all youtubers.
The contest will be on from 9th till 31st August.

Each submission comprises:
  1.  Youtube Video that:
      - Reviews Crystal vision, CRT information and token sale schedule
      - And voices your own verdict
      - Includes #crystalwallet #BSC  #CRT #IEO #IDO hashtags
  2. Twitter Tweet that:
      - Contains link to your youtube video under title "CRT Appraisal Contest"
      - Includes #crystalwallet #BSC  #CRT #IEO #IDO hashtags
      - Tag 5 friends

Please direct message (DM) our twitter account (@CrystalWalletEU) with the content:
Your username on
- Link to your tweet
- Link to your  youtube video

 1.  Any eligible submission receives 250 CRT
 2.  At the end of the contest we will pick top 6 videos based on their quality and social engagement (likes, shares, comments). The best video will win our special prize.
    - Special prize: 1200 USDT
    - Other videos receives 300 USDT each

 3.  Community's Pick: We will also open a vote on our Twitter for the community to pick the best video in their opinions. The vote will feature 10 videos that have the highest views. The voting duration will be from 1st to 7th September. The video that collects the most votes get 600 USDT

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